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Fire Finder XLS
Fire Finder (voice)
FireFinder XLS™, the most responsive intelligent fire detection system, with unrivaled speed, detecting fire and notifying occupants in under 3 seconds and it's the simplest intelligent system to install and maintain.

New FireFinder system:
  • Big 6" display on the FireFinder panel is the easiest for firefighters to understand when trying to locate a fire
  • Capacity for hundreds of large font text characters, Hazmat icons, NFPA fire safety symbols and graphic maps
  • Features work to help fire personnel identify fire location, hazards and occupants faster than ever before
  • Unrivaled response speed, detecting fire and notifying occupants in under 3 seconds
  • Simplest intelligent system to install and maintain.
  • Field programmable from a touch screen makes systems control and changes simple for all users
  • Utilizes revolutionary SureWire technology that can help eliminate installation errors and reduce installation time by up to 25%
  • Offers very low life cycle cost
  • The display lets operators view the entire system and locate specific alarms with a simple "user prompting sequence" of lighted buttons
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The FireSeeker FS-250 fire detection system is ideal for small to mid-sized facilities, offering the latest in fire detection technology. Acknowledge, alarm silence, system reset, and basic user and maintenance level functions (such as viewing history or system enable/disable) are accomplished through the operational control buttons. System configuration can also be performed at the panel with no external tool.

Product Features

  • One loop addressable signaling line circuit

  • Supports up to 252 addressable inputs and signal/relay outputs

  • Optional remote LCD display and digital dialer

  • Fully field programmable

  • 2000 event history log


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MXLV (voice)
As the foundation of the MXL Series of systems, the MXL is the most widely accepted analog fire protection system in the marketplace today. With an amazingly flexible architecture, the MXL is the one system that can meet the requirements of a wide range of applications - from the smallest office building, the tallest high rise, the largest convention center, a health care facility, a school or university, airport or a hotel concerned with early warning and evacuation. Flexible and easily expandable at any range, eliminating costly upgrading or retrofitting.  

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The VoiceCom voice and tone alarm emergency communication system is the ideal solution for voice evacuation requirements in small to mid-size applications. Recent trends indicate that future fire alarm/suppression systems will use more voice communications to better manage the evacuation of facilities during fire and other emergencies. VoiceCom provides the answers all the emerging voice and tone communication needs such as NFPA's "new assembly occupancy" requirements.


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System 3™ Introduced in the late 1960s, System 3™ is the most successful system ever from Siemens - Fire Safety. At the time it revolutionized the concept of modular design, which enabled each system to be specifically designed and customized to meet the customers application needs. System 3™ continues to endure as one of the most popular systems, due to its inherent simplicity and reliability.  
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The SXL-EX is the most basic member of the Fire Safety family of fire alarm control systems. Incorporating innovative, high quality design, SXL-EX will provide years of reliable fire protection in small buildings and structures. The SXL-EX was developed to meet the varied fire detection needs of schools, municipal buildings, nursing homes, apartment buildings, warehouses, small office buildings and department stores, virtually anywhere a cost efficient, general purpose fire control panel is required.

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Addressable Detectors    

The Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., Fire Safety intelligent series of detectors provide the markets most advanced methods of detection, programming and communications available. The "I" series of detectors incorporate bi-directional communication with control panels via microprocessor technology for sophisticated detection, error checking and supervision algorithms.

FP-11 intelligent Fire Detector:

FP-11 intelligent Fire Detector provides the life safety industry with the most highly evolved detection system available today. The FP-11 utilizes advanced FirePrint technology to discriminate between deceptive phenomena and an actual fire while optimizing detection for the area in which it is installed. State-of-the art microprocessor circuitry with error check, detector self-diagnostics and supervision programs. Compatible with the Fire Safety MXL family of control panels including MXL, MXL-IQ, and MXLV. System logic activation based on any of three inputs from detector (smoke, heat or neural network)

ILP -1 Series:

ILP -1 Series are intelligent Photoelectric Detectors for IXL, MXL, and XL3 Control panels

FPT-11 intelligent Thermal Detector:

FPT-11 intelligent Thermal Detector provides and advanced method of detection, address programming and supervision combined with sophisticated control panel communications. Operates with the Fire Safety's MXL family of control panels including MXL, MXL-IQ and MXLV.

ILI Series:

ILI Series intelligent Ionization Smoke Detectors for IXL, MXL and XL3 panels

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Conventional Detectors    

The Fire Safety's conventional detectors are the most sophisticated in the market today. The conventional series of detectors all have been designed for a high level of sensitivity to be used with Fire Safety's systems for use in a wide range of commercial, institutional and industrial applications. The conventional series of detectors include Ionization, Photoelectric, and Thermal.

The PE series detectors are Photoelectric with an advanced photo chambers designed to be highly immune to false alarms:

PE-11 Series
PE-11 is the most advanced detector in its class.It is equipped with a unique self-testing circuitry. The detector tests itself for defective operation or contamination every seven seconds, and the status of the detector is indicated by the color of the LED. You no longer have to wait for the next system check to know if your detector is operation properly.

Thermal Fire Detector DT-11 thermal fire detector is of the fixed temperature type and is for plug-in use with the standard Series 11 detector base. A lamp is located on the base of the detector to indicate initiation of an alarm. Self testing with status indicating multi-color LED

DI Series
DI series DI-4ADI-3, DI-A3, and DI-B3 are detectors that work on the Ionization principle that respond to the first traces of fire in the form of visible smoke or invisible products of combustion.

DT Series
DT series are Thermal detectors include Models DT-135R, DT-135F, DT-200R, DT-200F,DT-135CL, DT200CL, DT-135CS, DT-200CS, DT-135WP and DT-200WP are of the rate compensation/fixed temperature type. 135WPand DT-200WP are weatherproof thermal detectors and are of the rate compensation/fixed temperature type.

Initiating Devices
The conventional initiating devices include a broad range of detectors for every application - ion, photo, and thermal detectors, as well as infrared detectors, beam detectors, ultraviolet detectors, and others.

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Alarm signaling devices    
The Fire Safety Division of Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., provides a complete line of Signaling life safety system accessories including notification appliances, door holders, auxiliary power supplies, and digital communicators.  


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